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Blackpool City Council

New Multi-Media Centre in one of the UK’s most iconic tourist destinations, Blackpool, UK

Blackpool Council were seeking advice on how to boost their leisure offer for the city and regenerate the Houndshill Shopping Centre.


In 2019 TBP were engaged to carry out a full feasibility study on cinema and leisure that would bring a new offer to Blackpool whilst meeting future consumer demands.


Using TBP’s feasibility study, Blackpool Council was able to secure Government funding to build a leisure extension to the Houndshill Shopping Centre with the aim to boost the city’s economic recovery and create jobs for the local community. 


Opening in Spring 2024, The Backlot Cinema & Diner is a multimedia destination for locals and tourists alike, fully conference ready and with the biggest IMAX in the Northeast.  


The onus is on community and hospitality.

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