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Leisure Offer

Oradea Shopping City, Romania

Oradea, in the North-West of Romania, is a thriving, competitive town with a population of over 180,000. Shopping Center Holding took control of a new retail and leisure building, opening it in October 2011.


TBP were appointed to create and launch a new leisure experience for Oradea designed  to surpass the existing offers


TBP developed the business plan, commercial strategy and supported the site management team for the opening of a new cinema, bowling, and dining experience – the first of its kind in Oradea. A new brand was created. and the organisational structure put in place ready for the launch.


Following the successful launch, the cinema and leisure continue to this day to support the centre’s footfall under a local ownership brand.


TBP have worked with many developers to advise on the right solution for their malls, often creating their own brands geared to the local market.

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