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New Shanghai Restaurants

Franchise Management & Global Expansion

An authentic dumpling restaurant, capturing the essence of Shanghai's Long Tang alleys, John Chen and his family established New Shanghai in Australia in 1992. 


After an initial growth phase establishing the brand in Australia and China, with10 outlets, including a retail store, the family wanted to expand into the Middle East. It tasked TBP with assisting it in meeting local requirements whilst retaining its brand identity. 


By developing a  franchise model  and partnering with the Azadea Group, New Shanghai created a model that  complied with Islamic dietary guidelines called “Hala”.


New Shanghai successfully expanded into Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Riyadh, facilitated by this new model and  franchise partnership. It has emerged as a global brand,  as a premier provider of authentic Shanghainese cuisine worldwide. Operating as both "Hala" and non-"Hala," the brand caters to various cultural preferences, maintaining authenticity while appealing to a diverse global audience.

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