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This means not only can we support operators, or developers (wo are looking to run their own cinemas (as is ever increasingly so) but also, we can analyse the operation of a cinema through how it feels to be a customer. From opening hours to programming, service to digital exchange we can see if a cinema is efficient. We analyse the P&L’s or KPI’s to see if a cinema is operating how it should be.

This is critical to understand if a cinema or a chain is performing how it should be. The team is one of the biggest operating expenses from a pure financial point of view but is also the biggest investment.

When analysing performance we investigate in depth the key areas to see if the cinema team understands its local market and its customers and whether it is maximising all sales opportunities and delivering a great customer experience. We focus on the customer journey. What is it really like to be a customer accessing a cinema for the first time. We take nothing for granted and get to know what the local market and customs are before looking at the operation. What may be an issue in one market is irrelevant in another.

We assess what customer service is offered and how to improve. We believe in hire the smile. We have the knowledge to support. What is needed are the people who want to interact with people, not focus on the tasks. Cinemas are places for experiences not people processing.

If a new cinema we can advise and support on all aspects of recruitment, training and development of teams. Our work doesn’t end when the cinema opens but continues post opening to ensure that the cinema is an ongoing success.

But operations are not just about the team. We understand best practice to ensure that the bottom line is not only protected but grows. Are staff being trained in the right areas? How good are rotas? Are films being scheduled at the right times to minimise over-crowding and meet peak trading needs. Lazy scheduling can cost thousands per week. Is the right level of specialist knowledge recruited for?

Suppliers are key and working with them to maximise sales and minimise stock loss or wastage is critical. Managing stock and listening to what customers are asking for are essential.

The advent of digital has made cinema more automated. This enables cinema to be more efficient but should be at the expense of customer service. Our aim is to work with teams to make sure that the focus on superb delivery is met time and time again.


Film booking & Programming

The Big Picture (TBP) has previously been engaged to assist in putting a cinema estate (usually one, two or three sites) up for sale. The sales process begins with a review of the company's more recent performance and ensuring a robust business plan (including the P&L) is in place.


Simultaneously we’ll flag any concerns or question marks that may arise through investigating these areas at this early stage.

A key element to any successful commercial strategy is to have an insightful film booking and programming approach in place, tailored to and designed with the business plan in mind.


Although they sound similar, film booking and scheduling are completely different.


Financial Reporting

We can provide guidance and advice on all marketing aspects from the initial conception through to execution, and ongoing revision - Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), social media execution, loyalty & subscription memberships.


We know how to deliver your brand promise while maximising commercial revenues. Don’t underestimate how essential it is to have an integrated marketing plan that works symbiotically alongside the film programming team.

We can build financial reports for a variety of clients whether asset managers, property developers or local authorities.


A financial report takes the form of a detailed spreadsheet containing large quantities of aggregated data and other significant information, and is based on the conclusions drawn from feasibility (or viability) studies.

Site Audits

A site audit is a vital precursor to any consultation based around implementing and/or improving cinema management.


The Big Picture (TBP) is highly experienced in carrying out audits on existing cinema sites.

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